The 1st tournament of EUROKEGEL in Germany took place in the Saxon town Meerane on October, 3rd in 2015. The 32 participants from Saxony and Brandenburg wanted to learn this new kind of billiards. Detlef Beau with his 3 trainees surely had the longest journey (about 320 km).

After developing the rules of Eurokegel by the Hungarian, Danish and German friends of Billards it was time for the practical phase.

At first you should note: All participants were excited and are unique: Eurokegel has a great future!


But in turn:

The tournament started with matches in 8 groups with 4 players per group. Finished the preliminary round the 1st and the 2nd of each group played the round of sixteen ´til the final. The draw of groups already promised hard-fought matches.

The first 4 matches started at 11.15 am. The matches had to play in one set with a 100 point destination. It was very interesting to see that even the top players had to fight hard for winning their matches. 


The preliminary round with its 48 matches ended at 3.50 pm. So the best 16 players  were certain. The atmosphere became more determined because they all wanted to get the 1st title. After the 8 partially hard-fought matches the quarterfinals were:

  • Siegfried Jeschky vs. Eric Lorenz
  • Bastian Röhrens vs. Gerd Wenzel
  • Detlef Beau vs. Robert Lehmann
  • Ronny Neumann vs. Tino Lorenz

It seems that Siegfried Jeschky is able to play all kinds of pin billiards and so he won against Eric Lorenz with 100 : 64 points. Bastian Röhrens from SG Groß Gaglow prevailed against Gerd Wenzel with 100 : 56 points. In the duel of the Brandenburg players Detlef Beau and Robert Lehmann Robert could win with 100 : 32 points. The last quarterfinal match between Ronny Neumann and Tino Lorenz (both from SV Leukersdorf) was expected with high suspension. Ronny showed more power of endurance and could win against Tino with 100 : 62 points.

The excitement and the doggedness still rose. Each of the 4 remained players wanted to take the title home. The viewers were also very mindful:

Siegfried Jeschky had to play against Bastian Röhrens in semifinal. Both players showed their brilliance. Siegfried Jeschky could prevail at last with 100 : 66 points and was so the first finalist.

Robert Lehmann and Ronny Neumann had to fight against each other in the 2nd semifinal. This match was also a feast for the eyes of all viewers. Robert Lehmann reached the 2nd final place with 100 : 64 points.

It´s about the title now: Siegfried Jeschky vs. Robert Lehmann, it means SV Blau-Weiß Neschwitz vs. ESV Lok Guben. The winner of this great match was certain after half an hour:

Robert Lehmann is the winner of the 1st tournament of Eurokegel on German ground.

  1. Robert Lehmann
  2. Siegfried Jeschky
  3. Ronny Neumann, Bastian Röhrens

Congratulations to all winning and placed players. Thanks to all fought with ambition and cheered along passionately at the matches and to the hosts from Meerane provided the great ambiences and services.

Thanks also to the CooolCase company from Dresden for providing MobileDisplay for pleasant presentation of the results.

The next tournament will come soon. We will come back to Meerane!

Sporty regards

Nico Proboszcz
Eurokegel Management Germany


The Kegel Billiard is indigenous in most of Europe for hundreds of years.