Danish, German and Hungarian long pin billiard organisations supported the creating of EuroKegel pin billiard in this July, in Körös Szálló, Gyomaendrőd. The creators made this game to meet all the participant’s demands.

There had been already an international test competition in this summer, but the first official Hungarian EuroKegel contest was arranged in 13th of December in the Körös Hotel.



All the 20 players and the audience could enjoy the interesting and exciting games in a great atmosphere from 8am to 7pm.Players arrived from the following settlements: Békés, Békéscsaba, Gyomaendrőd, Mezőberény, Okány, Szarvas, Szeghalom, Telekgerendás.

The players were divided into four groups, where they played tournaments. The best two of each groups were qualified themselves to the play-offs, then to the semi-final and to the final.
The players were enthusaistic and temperamental, but they had to pay attention mostly the followings: it is not needed to hide the balls for the first shot; to take off the „no place” pins from the table. :-)

  • The favorite was András Tímár (Gyomaendrőd) from the first group – he was qualified in the first place, the second was Ferenc Papp (Szeghalom).
  • László Kurta (Békéscsaba) – he almost wins everywhere nowadays – won the second group, and Győző Benjámin Hőgyes (Okány) achieved the second place.
  • Many eminent players from the Hungarian Billiard’s national list were the competitors in the third group. György Sáfián jr. (Szeghalom) – ranked 6th on the list – defeated Zoltán Turi (Békés) – ranked 4th – with a very impressive game.
  • Attila Kisss (Telekgerendás), who has good results in the Team Championships, won the fourth group. The second was István Dananaj, who also has considerable results with his team.

After close and exciting qualifiers, Attila Kiss and Zoltán Turi played for the third place. The final was kept between László Kurta and György Sáfián.

Kurta was irresistible, he has won again.

Congratulations Laci, and all the participiants!

  1. László Kurta (Békéscsaba)
  2. György Sáfián jr.(Szeghalom)
  3. Attila Kiss (Telekgerendás)
  4. Zoltánt Turi (Békés)

Thanks to the participiants and the organizers.

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BUÉK (Happy New Year) 2016 !! :-)

The Kegel Billiard is indigenous in most of Europe for hundreds of years.