The Euro Kegel is a trademark, a brand that means:

  1. Euro Kegel Billiard: The sum of Kegel Billiard Games played with large pins and developed and than deeply rooted in Europe.
  2. Euro Kegel Movement: The movement of persons, who like Kegel Billiard.
  3. Euro Kegel Association: That now involving non-govermental organisation, which integrates the people who love Euro Kegel Billiard games and the other organisations that are interested in Euro Kegel Billiard games. The tasks of the organisation: international declaration, familiarisation of the national kegel billiard games. Furthermore, the planning, the launching and the continous realisation of an international kegel billiard competition system.
  4. Euro Kegel Game: The name of a unitary kegel billiard game construct plan that we intend to submit to CEB for international registration.

Motto: The Kegel Billiard is indigenous in most of Europe for hundreds of years.